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Jessica Livsey(BaHons)


The power beauty and tranquility of the sea, is a constant source of inspiration for Jessica's paintings, as well as a long standing love for the relaxing and invigorating colour of  blue, especially turquoise.

Inspired by the turquoise sea of the Mediterranean from visits to Greece and the Adriatic coast, as well as childhood memories of rock pooling in North Wales, Jessica's paintings aim to capture the essence of the coastline, focusing on portraying a sense of movement and pattern and the way light interacts with the sea.


Jessica uses acrylic mixed with oil in a pouring technique, the paint then manipulated before drying, to portray the feeling of movement which creates a distinct look unique to this process. Working from memory, allows her to paint in an expressive style, which can have a bold, but also a calming quality. Considered brush strokes alongside the fluidity of the paint, result in paintings which bring a peaceful energy to your room

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